About Us

Production, Marketing, And Sales


HSIT Holding Company

HSIT Holdings was incorporated as a parent company in 2011, located in Honk Kong. 

The group is a diversified group of companies that is into;  Construction Machinery, Agricultural Equipment, Mining Machines, and Industrial Mining Minerals such as Gold, Magnesium, Lead, Tin, Nicolide, Iron Ore, Mable, Granite, and Copper. 

It’s one of the Leading Companies with a notable presence in the West African Sub-region.

Our Vision

HSIT Holding Company is a commendable sole distributor of industrial machinery, agriculture equipment, mining machines, construction and earth movement equipment with the use of modern methods for operations, affordable distribution channels at ease and maximum utility for our clients, partners, and customers.

Our Mission

To enhance our customer productivity capacity and ensuring their maximum satisfaction.

Our Values


We provide industry-standard product and services to our clients, partners, and customers.


We do not comprise quality and trust once it comes ouur customer satisfaction and make sure we keep up with our customers need always without excuse.


We consider feedback the most important tool for improvement about our products and services.


We are reliable and efficient at our services to our customers. No delay, No complaints, Client Satisfaction only.